• 8 Hours consecutive filming

  • One videographer

  • 4-5 minute highlight video delivered online, USB & DVD

In our basic package, you’ll get one videographer (Ethan Loomis) on the day of your wedding for eight consecutive hours. For most weddings this covers getting ready/finishing touches until about a half hour after all the guests hit the dance floor. This gives him enough footage to edit everything together into a 4-5 minute highlight film which features all the important moments of your day.



  • 8 Hours consecutive filming

  • One videographer

  • 8-10 minute highlight video delivered online, USB & DVD

This package is the same as our basic package, but your highlight video will end up being a bit longer (8-10 minutes), which gives us time to include some of the speeches and possibly the vows from your day, if desired.



  • 8 Hours consecutive filming

  • One videographer

  • 4-5 minute highlight video delivered online, USB & DVD

  • Full-length edit which includes full playback of ceremony & reception, delivered online, USB & DVD

This package includes a 4-5 highlight video, as well as a full length edit, which includes the full ceremony, entrance to reception, cake cutting, speeches, and dances. The full length edit usually ends up being a little over an hour long. A second videographer can be added to this package, which gives more camera angles during the ceremony/reception and also allows the videographers to be capturing two separate events at the same time, such as the bride and groom getting ready in different locations.



When will I receive my video?
Our goal for turnaround time on our videos is 1 month for highlight videos and 3-5 months for a full length edit.

Do I need a second videographer?
We find that for most situations one videographer is sufficient, but two having two videographers allows us to capture more footage throughout the day and also for us to be capturing footage at two different locations during one time. For example, if it’s important to have footage of both the bride and groom getting ready, and they’re getting ready at the same time in two different locations, it will be impossible for us to capture unless you’ve hired two videographers.

How long does my highlight video need to be?
If you decide to go with the 4-5 minute highlight video, this allows us to have about a minute of getting ready shots, 2 minutes of the ceremony/bridal party shots and then 2 minutes of the reception. It moves pretty quickly and it is usually set to a singer/songwriter type song with lyrics. Our 8-10 minute highlight videos usually have two songs, one of which will be instrumental and we can include some audio of the vows or speeches from your wedding day. The longer highlight films give the video more “breathing room” and shows more clips from throughout your day.

How many cameras do you use?
We use a variety of cameras and lenses to get the shots and angles we need throughout the day. During the ceremony we’ll have at least two cameras running at any given time; usually we have three. We try to get a variety of angles, including wide shots, close-ups, B-roll and more.

How do I reserve my date? Is there a deposit?
We do require a signed contract and a deposit to reserve your wedding date. The deposit is 50% of the total cost of whichever package you choose. The remainder will be due on or before the date of your wedding.

Do you have any other options other than the packages above?
We offer a ceremony-only option and can work with most budgets; contact us for more details.