The Problem

Let's cut right to the chase. You need music for your video projects. The editing process of video production is so much easier when you find the right song. Music can drive the viewer's emotions in a way that the visuals alone just cannot do. When you find the right song, it can fuel the creativity and enhance your video in ways you never thought possible.

There are endless "free music for video production" websites out there. Most of them are either lacking in quality music, or they don't have their song selection organized in a way that makes sense for a video editor. 

There are also some high-quality music licensing libraries out there, but they charge per track and sometimes have insane fees if you expect your video to have a large audience.

Where's the middle ground?

The Solution

That's where Soundstripe comes in. For a small monthly fee, you'll get access to their entire music library and be able to access thousands of songs by quality artists. It's either $10 per month of $97 per year, and no licensing fees are required beyond that. If you're a video creator who needs to produce lots of quality content, but you don't have the resources to spend a good chunk of change on every single track, Soundstripe is for you.

Soundstripe makes it easy for filmmakers & videographers to find the right song that matches the mood of the scene. You can sort by genre, instrument, feel, etc. This is perfect to be able to find quality music quickly, so you're not searching for the "perfect track" for hours. Most likely, you'll be able to find an outstanding song in a matter of minutes. They've curated some of the best composers in the field so that each track is high quality and fits a specific scene.

Soundstripe also has excellent customer service. They truly care about the "indie filmmaker," or the videographer who needs access to a wide variety of music for videos. They'll take good care of you. Head over to their website now and check it out!


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