So you want a Rockford Wedding Videographer. You've started doing your research and found some great options in the Rockford, Illinois area. But maybe you haven't found quite what you're looking for yet.

Welcome to Loomis Video! I'm glad you've made it to our website. Take a look around, check out our portfolio (past wedding videos) and our Weddings page to get an idea of our prices and our process.

One question that I've gotten a lot from potential clients is about our full-length edit. Some people can't believe that we would film for eight hours straight, edit all that footage together into an hour-length video, and put everything on a DVD for the price that we charge.

Yes, I will admit our prices are low. But that doesn't mean your video is going to be low-quality. All it means is that we're new to this industry and we really enjoy filming weddings and making great videos!

So to get back to the original question: Yes, everything we film on the day of your wedding will be worked in to the final DVD (Getting ready, the ceremony, and all the important parts of the reception.) You will also receive a short "highlight video" which is pretty popular these days.

We would love to work for you, so visit our contact page and you'll hear back from us soon!