If you're on a tight budget while planning your wedding, having a videographer might not be your top priority. You're probably thinking that a wedding photographer is enough - is it really worth the extra money for a wedding video as well?

At Loomis Video, we understand that this may be a hard decision for you to make. That's why we've priced ourselves moderately, given you a large portfolio to look through, and written a little bit about ourselves so you know who you're dealing with.

We're not a big production company, but we produce quality videos and we truly enjoy making them. Ethan has been shooting videos for over 10 years and graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Visual Communication. He currently works full-time as the Website Manager for a local nonprofit in Rockford. Molly works as a Case Manager for a foster care agency and usually is your first point of contact.

When you fill out the contact us form, Molly will be in touch with you to make sure we know when your wedding is and exactly what you want. When your wedding day gets closer, Ethan and Molly will either arrange a meeting in person or over Skype to get to know you. We'll nail down any details that haven't been finalized. On the day of your wedding, we'll get some great video and be there as long as you require. Then we'll get to editing, which usually takes under three months.

It's quite a process, but we love doing it! And finally, a few points to consider if you're still not sure you even want a wedding videographer to begin with:

  1. Photos can only let you remember snapshots of the day. Video lets you live the most important day of your life over and over.
  2. As the bride or groom, maybe you'll want to see all aspects of the day. You only see things from one perspective on the day of your wedding, but once you see it on video, you'll experience it in an entirely new way.
  3. Think about 30 years from now when you'll still have your short highlight film, filled with all the emotions of the day. That's a memory worth keeping.
  4. If you can't afford a full package, still contact us and let us know what your budget is. We'll work with you to figure out what we can do!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to view our wedding packages, and then click here to contact us!