People love stories. There are few stories more special than how you and your partner decided to spend the rest of your lives with each other. And few people know you and your partner better than the people that you trust to be a part of your bridal party on that special day.

 In this package, we focus on capturing both the groom and bride's story of who they are and how they met through the eyes of their bridal party as well as both sets of parents, and ultimately themselves. We ask short questions of the bridal party, asking them to share how they met the bride or groom, what they like about them, and a funny memory. We then interview the bride and groom separately and ask them to share memories, traits, and then give a personal message directly to each other.

We then come and shoot the entire day of the wedding, and then craft your story around highlights of the footage that we take from the day, and enhance it with a few graphics. The length of the video depends on the size of the bridal party, but our videos usually fall around 30-40 minutes in length.

One of the biggest appeals of this type of style is the element of story. You will have a lasting, unique, and highly personal story of your special day that is enjoyable to re-watch over and over again for the years to come.

Below is a sample of a documentary wedding video. Please contact us for pricing information.