Wedding Videography at Orchard Ridge Farms


Wedding Videography at Orchard Ridge Farms

Recently, Molly & I found a wedding venue that we absolutely love. We had heard of The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton before, but it wasn’t until this past wedding season that we finally got a chance to film there. In fact, we were able to film two weddings at Orchard Ridge Farms this year!

The quality of our wedding videos are oftentimes influenced by the location that we’re filming at. We can still make a great quality film no matter what the venue, but an amazing location certainly helps!

The first wedding that we filmed at this beautiful venue was Jena & Daniel’s sunny July ceremony & reception. We arrived at the location & got to work capturing so many special moments, as Jena got her hair & makeup done and put her dress on. The guys were getting ready just down the street at the Ironworks Hotel in Beloit, so we gathered some video clips of that, too.

As the day progressed, several reasons stuck out in our minds as to why we enjoyed filming at this venue so much. Here is a short list:

  • Spacious: This venue has so many different areas to take photos of your wedding party. While your photographer gets posed shots, we’re capturing candid interactions among your wedding party. With plenty of different options to choose from across Orchard Ridge’s 130 acres, we’re able to get a variety of beautiful shots.

  • One Location: There is so much appeal in having everything you need in one location for your entire wedding day. We love it, too - because we don’t have to be driving to different locations, it gives us more to time to be filming special moments!

  • Ceremony Shuttle: Sometimes it’s about the small details, and The Pavilion has really thought of everything. When guests arrive at the venue, they are able to ride in a shuttle up to the top of the hill where the ceremony will take place. We love that!

Jena & Daniel’s wedding was absolutely perfect, and definitely one of our favorite wedding films to date. Check it out here:

Our second wedding that we filmed at Orchard Ridge was with Tom & Corine. They got ready at the Copperstone Inn before their ceremony. The Copperstone Inn is a bed-and-breakfast located on the grounds of Orchard Ridge Farms. Corine & Tom had such a sweet “First Look” between them. Their day was so beautiful and we loved working alongside White Shutter Photography (Tom & Corine’s photographers for the day). At the reception, this couple even had a live band! Their wedding video will be coming very soon, and when we have it finished we will post it on this page.


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Documentary Wedding Video Package

People love stories. There are few stories more special than how you and your partner decided to spend the rest of your lives with each other. And few people know you and your partner better than the people that you trust to be a part of your bridal party on that special day.

 In this package, we focus on capturing both the groom and bride's story of who they are and how they met through the eyes of their bridal party as well as both sets of parents, and ultimately themselves. We ask short questions of the bridal party, asking them to share how they met the bride or groom, what they like about them, and a funny memory. We then interview the bride and groom separately and ask them to share memories, traits, and then give a personal message directly to each other.

We then come and shoot the entire day of the wedding, and then craft your story around highlights of the footage that we take from the day, and enhance it with a few graphics. The length of the video depends on the size of the bridal party, but our videos usually fall around 30-40 minutes in length.

One of the biggest appeals of this type of style is the element of story. You will have a lasting, unique, and highly personal story of your special day that is enjoyable to re-watch over and over again for the years to come.

Below is a sample of a documentary wedding video. Please contact us for pricing information.



So you want a Rockford Wedding Videographer

So you want a Rockford Wedding Videographer. You've started doing your research and found some great options in the Rockford, Illinois area. But maybe you haven't found quite what you're looking for yet.

Welcome to Loomis Video! I'm glad you've made it to our website. Take a look around, check out our portfolio (past wedding videos) and our Weddings page to get an idea of our prices and our process.

One question that I've gotten a lot from potential clients is about our full-length edit. Some people can't believe that we would film for eight hours straight, edit all that footage together into an hour-length video, and put everything on a DVD for the price that we charge.

Yes, I will admit our prices are low. But that doesn't mean your video is going to be low-quality. All it means is that we're new to this industry and we really enjoy filming weddings and making great videos!

So to get back to the original question: Yes, everything we film on the day of your wedding will be worked in to the final DVD (Getting ready, the ceremony, and all the important parts of the reception.) You will also receive a short "highlight video" which is pretty popular these days.

We would love to work for you, so visit our contact page and you'll hear back from us soon!